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Sgoldsen 2 days ago

Beef Brisket Platter

Awesome meal. Meat was moist and tasty! We'll be coming back for more and more.

Dodohrusovcan79 5 days ago

Beef Brisket Platter

Best brisket and best smoked duck ,but my favorite is perfectly smoked a juicy prime rib....sooooo tender

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Sliced Beef Brisket Sandwich

The beef brisket sandwich with scary sauce is a real treat.

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Pulled Chicken Club Sandwich

This sandwich is just proof that the Cookhouse will provide for different palettes and deliver an excellent meal no matter what

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Triple Play

A great way to get variety without getting 2 meals worth of food. The sliders are great!

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Pulled Pork Platter

I always liked pulled pork, but it wasn't until I had been to the Cookhouse that it became my favourite. Pulled pork is the quintessential bbq joint staple, and they really nail it

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

The Tombo-Combo

You can't go wrong with the Tombo combo. They really know how to nail each meat

Calpat32 10 days ago

Beef Brisket Platter

The cookhouse brisket is the best I've ever had, anywhere! The Mac and cheese and cornbread are fantastic as well. There are several bbq places in the area, but without a doubt, The Cookhouse cannot be beat. Their smoked meats are tender and not fatty, The atmosphere is open and welcoming as well. We travel from New Fairfield , past other bbq restaurants to eat at the Cookhouse. It's also a favorite for my kids when the choose the location for their birthday dinners!

Priziodan 12 days ago

Pulled Pork Platter

The best BBQ in the area hands down. Pulled pork is to die for but everything else is amazing too. The restaurant is huge on the inside with a full bar. Never have had a bad experience, the cookhouse is New Milford.

Gloria about 1 month ago

Sweet Creamed Corn Pops

An awesome snack or appetizer. Sweet and the sauce is to die for.

Pasqualerenee about 2 months ago

Chopped Fruit & Nut Salad

Add grilled chicken... It's SO yummy!

Youngstunnaluis1 2 months ago

BBQ Burrito

I had this BBQ burrito once before. It was the perfect vibes, waitress was very welcoming and helpful. My favorite part of the BBQ burrito the tenderness of the Brisket meat. it almost just melts in your mouth. the pepper jack cheese and the cookhouse chili give it that extra kick you need.

Elliott 3 months ago

Beef Brisket Platter

WOW!! This brisket made me drool from the moment it was placed in front of me. The meat melted in my mouth and I loved the flavor, the peppery coating was just right. I'm not a huge black pepper fan but oh-my-yum!!

Tblack116 3 months ago

Slo-Smoked Chicken Platter

AMAZING!! The chicken was so tender and delicious!!!! I can't stop thinking about it and when I can return to have it again!!! And again, and again... YUMMY 😋

Cquiding 3 months ago

Cookhouse Baby Back Ribs

Ribs are fantastic! They usually come out sauced.

Cquiding 3 months ago

Slo-Smoked Prime Rib Sandwich

My favorite sandwich on the menu. When its done right (sometimes the prime rib is too dry or too fatty), it has a wonderful steak burger taste with the cheese and onions complementing the prime rib. Dip it in the side of au jus and it's perfect!

Cquiding 3 months ago

Mom's Mac & Cheese

Fantastic Mac and Cheese, I usually pay the upcharge for a double side of this with my entrée. Make sure to request bacon and jalapenos!

Cquiding 3 months ago

Super Nachos

I've had these nachos for years at CH and they can't miss. I'll even put aside the valuable real estate on All-You-Can-Eat BBQ night and order them!

Zgmeyerson 4 months ago



Siannarelli 5 months ago

Cookhouse Chili

This chili was the best chili I tasted at a New Fairfield chili tasting event a few weeks back. Most of the others had too much acidity from tomatoes. So I went to the Cookhouse and ordered the chili again to see just how consistent the quality was and I was not disappointed. Excellent food here at the Cookhouse.

Dasilveira 4 days ago

Pulled Pork Sandwich

OMG!!!! Melts in your mouth goodness. The pulled pork is superb, perfectly cooked and smothered in the most amazing sauce. The sides are nicely portioned and taste just as delish. The creamed spinach is out favorite. The Cookhouse is our most favorite place to eat. Even my two munchkins who are picky eaters lick their plate clean when we go to the Cookhouse. The variety is great and you can never go wrong with anything that you order. Cheers!

Willing2work4u90 6 days ago

Fresh Fish

The salmon was very soft and flavorful!

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Fat Tommy's Flattboyâ„¢

This sandwich may as well just be renamed "The Usual." The bread they use has changed, but this is a one of a kind sandwich that absolutely rocks

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Meatloaf & Cheddar Flattboyâ„¢

This sandwich is surprisingly amazing. The flavor they pack into the meatloaf is wonderful and the ketchup compliments it so perfectly. Don't sleep on the meatloaf flat boy!

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Cookhouse Baby Back Ribs

Absolutely the best rubs you can get. They are very meaty and cooked to perfection every time

Tnbennetti 9 days ago

Beef Brisket Platter

Cookhouse brisket is awesome. Pair it up with the scary sauce and I'm always satisfied

Danisue567 10 days ago

Family Feast

Best barbecue around!!! I've had many different things on the menu and all is fabulous. The family feast is a go to when I have company which everyone loves. Left off pork and brisket don't go to waste since we love to make backyard nachos with cheese and baked beans.

Jodilharp 11 days ago

Beef Brisket Platter

Exceptionalily tender. Great portion. The mashed potatoes are the bomb. Along with the biscuits & cornbread! Best bbq in New Milford!

Johnnyh1020 about 1 month ago

Cookhouse Meatloaf

Elite level BBQ establishment, cozy country vibe with tasty comfort food. A true staple of our area.

Gloria about 1 month ago

Pulled Pork Sandwich

The best pulled pork sandwich I have ever had. The coleslaw and the hottest barbecue sauce make it the best bite around.

Rmagalnick 2 months ago

Beef Brisket Platter

Actually had the BB Beef Brisket sandwich. WOW! It was good!

Flipflopsmelissa 2 months ago

Cookhouse Baby Back Ribs

Absolutely delish, best ribs around!!

Metzgeralison09 3 months ago

Chicken Wings

Chicken wings are delicious! So juicy and the sauce is delicious spicy but not too hot! Best wings I have ever had!

Cquiding 3 months ago

Pulled Pork Platter

The pulled pork is a favorite! So moist and smoky...dip it in a side of the BBQ sauce.

Cquiding 3 months ago

Triple Play

A great way to get a fix with multiple meats. They have let me mix and match also!

Cquiding 3 months ago

Fried Pickles

I've tried the fried pickles a few times since they've had staying power on the menu. They are good but it makes me yearn for the old Firecrackers appetizer (sausage, bread and pimento cheese).

Cquiding 3 months ago

BBQ Sundae

I usually go for nachos but have had BBQ sundae on occasion as well. You get a pulled pork fix while enjoying a nice a blend of coleslaw and baked beans. Very good.

Bigred1868 4 months ago

Pulled Pork Platter

The pulled pork was delicious and you got plenty of it , also the sweet potato fries were great along with it, plus you put the barbecue sauce on the meat to your likeing. So good.

Ebwasdo 4 months ago

Fat Tommy's Flattboyâ„¢

This has been my favorite since I was in high school... 20 years later I still get it every time!

Butterfly082983 5 months ago

Chopped Fruit & Nut Salad

For a bbq place, they have one of the BEST salads i have ever had! So good in fact i tried to get them to give me the recipe to the salad dressing. Plus, this salad is HUGE. It was big enough for my friend and i to split. Definitely will be back many many more times!


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